“If we have to lead, we need to learn.” Most of us know that our first lessons are learned at home, and our mother is our first teacher. As we grow up, we start to learn new things from different sources; we begin to feel that we have graduated from the initial classes and moved on from our parents – our primary teachers. Unfortunately what we miss is the learning that we can gain from these primary teachers about leadership. Is it not true that a mother thinks from the heart and not from her brain when it comes to doing anything with the child? Is it not true that when she loves, it is unconditional? Good leaders are no different. Even if they get ideas in their brain, when it comes to execution which requires people, it is done through the heart. I recall a beautiful quote – “”People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” We might be geniuses, but people don’t care and will not follow us until they know we care for them. The most important thing about any good leadership is genuinely caring. The best leaders in any profession care about the people they lead, and the people who are being led know when the care is genuine and when it’s faked or not there at all. When it comes to caring, who could be a better teacher than a mother? By learning to care, we learn to lead. It is like searching for peace externally, all around us and many of us even travel long distances in the quest, but in reality, it is so easy to find it if we travel a few inches internally to our hearts. In the same way, we have the best teachers to teach us leadership at home. Let us begin to learn leadership from our homes today!

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