Leaders Build Trust

Leaders build trust. A much misunderstood word trust is often confused with belief. Belief by itself sounds positive but trust is at the next level. Let me narrate a wonderful story my friend Vijay Reddy shared with me recently. It’s about an amazing trapeze artist. He could cycle on a tight rope. He once claimed that he would cross the Great Niagara Falls by cycling on a tight rope. Hearing of this event many spectators from far and wide come to watch this spectacular feat. People were waiting with bated breath to watch him do this impossible feat. But somehow they had a belief that the trapeze artist would probably succeed. And there would be no casualty. Then the trapeze artist not only skillfully crossed to the other side but also cycled his way back to glory. There was a thunderous applause celebrating the expertise and courage of the man. Then the artist to the surprise of everyone invited volunteer from the crowd to accompany him in his exploit again. He would carry the person in his cycle to-fro across the falls. None came forward. Until then everyone had so much of belief in his ability and that he would succeed, but now none dared to even contemplate the risk involved. Suddenly from nowhere a small girl makes her way out of the crowd and says, “I will come with you.” The artist smiled. But there was a deathly silence and dagger looks in the eyes of the spectators. They said that the girl is insane and nothing less than crazy. When they saw that neither relented they cursed and abused the trapeze artist for his irresponsible behavior to risk someone else life. It was so ironical to witness that it was the same crowd that few moments back were praising the artist. The trapeze artist along with the little girl started the great crossing. The crowd was too shocked and staggered to even voice out their displeasure. They were dead sure of the ghastly outcome of this adventure. But the trapeze artists along with his little enthusiast to everyone’s relief crossed over safely. The crowd though relieved criticized the trapeze artist. Then the child looked at the artist and said, “Papa lets go home.” The entire crowd was stunned. The child then said, ” I have full trust in my father’s ability and I knows that I am secure and safe in my papa’s arms.” The story was over and the message was driven home and Vijay said to me, “Naveen, this is the difference between Belief and Trust. The people had belief in the artist but the little girl had trust.” image courtesy:

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