Inseparable Twins #4

We say ‘Journey is the reward’. My reward during a recent travel was a wonderful question asked to me by SriLekha. She wanted to know which among the 2 was important
  1. Doing Different Things or
  2. Doing Things Differently.
It was an interesting question and majority of the people think ‘doing things differently’ is important for them in their life. Let us decide what is important after setting a context to this. If we set entrepreneurship as the context, then ‘doing different things’ and ‘doing things differently’ become 2 sides of the same coin and both become important.
  1. Entrepreneurs are trend setters, not followers! They do different things. They take the road less taken or they even take the roads that are never taken. This is a leadership act. ‘Doing Different Things’ should lead to innovation and trend setting business.
  2. It is also important to do things differently to make the new business trend more efficient. ‘Doing Things Differently’ is a measure for productivity and should translate into better results.
‘Doing Different Things’ should help an entrepreneur to get a good Start. It’s also important to Lead; so adapt to ‘Doing Things Differently’ also. image courtesy:

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