Calm, composed, relaxed – it seemed like an organized spot as the commuters kept staring at the electronic traffic timer, and it was then did I notice the countdown of seconds left for the color to go green. I switch off the ignition and waited patiently for the time to meltdown and marveled at the timer – what a wonderful piece of innovation! And I compare that with the previous signal I just passed which in contrast was chaotic and cumbersome to cross. Traffic snarls, motorist’s honks, fuel emission, climatic pollution, restless riders, and reckless drivers – these were the disturbing aspects at that signal stop. The sound of the engine rising in throttle can be both nagging and nerving. And why it happens? ‘coz of the uncertainty of the color change. The challenges at a signal stop are mounting and always marked by impatient drivers who just can’t sit still but set ready to get on the road. Sensing this unrest in the traffic, a thought that later turned out as an idea was the electronic traffic timer that displays the time left for the traffic light signal to change in color. A path breaking innovation as hailed by the commuters themselves as it relieved the anxieties that arose out the imposing halts and hurdles by the jamming vehicles. The successful implementation of traffic countdown timers at signal stops made it possible to regularize traffic, rein in order, avert accidents, ensure pedestrian safety, conserve fuel, lessen pollution, and alleviate the anxiety arising out of uncertainty and replaced with greater clarity for Commuters know exactly when to kick start the vehicle. The traffic countdown timer, as richly deserved, was awarded as one of the best innovation of the year that probably should be implemented at all traffic-signals. Incidentally, it was the timer that triggered a thought in my mind to frame a quote “every second in life is an innovation because it never existed before”. “Innovation is both art and process” articulates global innovation guru William C. Miller There are key parameters essential for any Innovation to succeed by identifying the opportunity, build on new competencies, devise strategy, and gain the competitive edge in transforming business ideas to reality. And they are captured as process or framework that prescribes discipline as a way of approach as listed below: Challenge: Understand the challenge (problem/necessity) Analyze the problem Assess the impact caused by the challenge/necessity Establish the need for the solution Ideas Understand the need for the solution Generate creative ideas to overcome the challenges alidate on the viability of the idea Visualize the potential solution Solution Build on the idea to create a solution to overcome the challenge Plan to execute Execute the plan Validate the solution Implementation Put the solution into use Check if it meets the intended use Improve the solution based on the learning Celebrate the results image courtesy:

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