They say that “the grass always looks greener on the other side.” This may be an old phrase, but when we apply it to entrepreneurship, it assumes a newer and a more relevant meaning. Whenever we look at a garden we are in awe of its beauty and greenery. It is a human trait for people to admire and appreciate beautiful things. If we analyze, we will realize that every garden is man-made, unlike forests and deserts, which are God given. When you see beautiful things, you get beautiful thoughts and your action is based on that. You also have choice, in this case it could be
  1. To become a part of the beautiful garden which you see.
  2. To transform the brown patch of your land into a beautiful garden which others admire and want to be in.
  3. To look for a brown patch of land those belongs to others and help transform that into a beautiful garden.
‘Not to do anything about it’ is the other choice; which I am not focusing on. What’s your choice? Company is like a garden with full of life, it is man-made. It’s an experience of its kind to be a part of a wonderful creation itself. Creating something new is the very essence of entrepreneurship. Choice #2 or #3 is the choice of an Entrepreneur and choice #1 is the choice of a follower. “Entrepreneurs are trendsetters, not followers“ – Naveen Lakkur Create a great garden and it needs to be green. The color green signifies prosperity… image courtesy:

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