Entrepreneurship: Not much theory, only practice.

A lot of people aspire to become entrepreneurs. They plan for the following:
  1. Choosing the field they would like to be in
  2. Conceive the business idea
  3. Draw up a business model
  4. Partners (Whom to build the business with)
  5. Competition (if any)
  6. Leadership Team
  7. Promotion, Marketing and Sales/Revenue generation
  8. Investments
  9. Risk Management
  10. Operations (Day to Day Activities)
When it comes to entrepreneurship, planning is a very important component. A good plan can only set the new venture to get a good start. But what generally happens is that people don’t start after planning, as they are caught in the perfect plan syndrome. This is not practical. Entrepreneurship is like swimming, if you want to really learn swimming, you have to get into the water. A true entrepreneur gets into it full-time and is prepared to meet the obstacles and challenges. More importantly, entrepreneurs have the fire in the belly and are hungry for success. It’s then that they inspire others and create an organizational edifice, which becomes a part of legends. Hari Shetty, President & CEO of iPolipo Inc., and Deepika Bajaj, President Invincibelle Inc., are among those people who are demonstrating entrepreneurship by plunging into it full time by letting off all their goodies (good job and a brand). While I wish them great success in their respective ventures, I also want to wish those of you who have recently ventured as entrepreneurs… image courtesy:

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