An Ideal Week!

Great start for Monday, No obstacles for Tuesday, No stress for Wednesday, No worry for Thursday, Smile for Friday, Party for Saturday, Great fun for Sunday, Have a beautiful week. This is the wish I received recently from my friend Pratheep after getting introduced to Start2Lead. This is wishing an ideal week! The question is how can this be made real and practical. I think the answer is in the ‘Sunday’… My reasons are: # Sunday is the ‘FunDay’. It’s a day to have lots of fun. I feel it’s important to enjoy every second in life. So, enjoy every moment in your life, that way everyday could be a FunDay for you. # Sunday is supposed to be a ‘Holiday’. Holy means Divine. It’s the day which connects the heart and the mind together. Your effort should be to strike a balance between the mind and the heart and also to keep them connected on all days of the week. # A great start can only be followed by good preparation. So, utilize Sunday for good preparation in-terms of planning and performance. This will help you to get a great start on Monday. # Sunday is referred to as the Day of supreme source of energy ‘The Sun’. It’s the day to re-charge and energize your batteries. This should set you rolling and growing for the whole week. Today being a thanks giving day, let me thank all the members who have directly or indirectly participated to get Start2Lead started and for all their support to keep it going. An Ideal Week is the wish I pass on as a part of thanks giving to all the readers of Start2Lead. Have a beautiful week…week after week… image courtesy:

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