Wishing you a very happy new year! Another new year is here, opening doors with rays of hope and sizzling opportunities for those who are optimistic and wanting to achieve something in life. It’s the season to set resolutions. Going beyond wishing, I would wish to share a simple model called ‘Aim2Accomplish’ – A structure for a startup. I believe that this would be useful to achieve the set resolutions or any new initiative. 1. Aim Articulate the dream by providing objectivity. Aim = function of (Objectives, Direction) 2. Activities The identified goals/objectives are broken down to a set of activities that needs to be performed. At this stage you need to answer the question ‘What should be done?’ Activities = function of (Tasks, Performance Metrics Definition) 3. Agenda It’s the ability to define the schema for the identified activities. You need to answer the following questions: * When will the work be done? * Where will the work be done? * Who will do it? Agenda = function of (Delegation, Responsibility) 4. Action It’s the ability to systematically perform an activity. It’s the execution of the plan. Action = the function (Process, Efficiency) 5. Accomplishment End result or the real outcomes of an action. Accomplishment determines the success factor of an initiative. Accomplishment = function of (Response, Results) 6. Analyze It’s the ability to compare the set objectives which are measurable with that of the accomplishment. Analyze = function of (Measurement, Effectiveness) “Our Aim should be to Accomplish” – Naveen Lakkur image courtesy:

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