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Innovation is a necessity now, and is a part and parcel of every sector. There is the potential to innovate in every person and you need a platform to nurture that potential. The Institute of Inspiring Innovation is that platform.The individuals associated with helping you develop the potential are our coaches. They play the role of catalysts and come with a rich background of real-life experiences, global exposure and have gone through the process of what it takes to innovate.Our programs encompass what is current and relevant in the market. We have a well-defined structure and innovative IT systems to support continuous learning and help you develop the competency to be innovative.

The Institute of Inspiring Innovation (iii) is a new-age institute nurturing new age leaders through Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

Innovation, Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship

Learning is a never ending process. Our publications, including books will inspire you on your journey towards an innovative tomorrow.


They are professionals, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, thought leaders, and a fellow of innovation. These are the people who would come and share their knowledge and experience to benefit creative and innovative people, as an evangelist of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

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