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4 Pillars of winning the game of Entrepreneurship

The architectural beauty of great buildings is what’s visible and appreciated. What’s not visible are the 4 pillars that hold the weight of these structures. The strength of these pillars determines the size of the buildings. ‘Stronger the Pillars, Larger the Structure’. Some architectural excellence has also extended this inner strength to outer beauty.

The same way, here are 4 pillars that will help you build a strong, solid and beautiful company.

  1. Integrity

    Without integrity, nothing works. In the World of Performance (the space where an entrepreneur lives), Integrity means ‘Plan the Work, Work the Plan’. You need to have your commitment to the highest level for the word you give and in honouring it, be it for the word given to self or to co-workers or to the customers or to the organization. Honor the word as Integrity constitutes the first pillar in the game of entrepreneurship.

Mr.Azim Premji, founder of Wipro Corporation actually founded the company with Integrity as the foundation of the company. He ensured that the culture of the organization evolved around integrity and he strongly believes that integrity has and will play a key role in the growth of the organization.

  1. Relationship

    No game is complete playing alone. When it comes to winning the game of entrepreneurship, Who you know and How you know them matters. Relationship is bi-directional. It equally matters — Who knows you, Why they know you and How well they know you. It’s important to manage good relationships with employees, vendors, partners, shareholders, environment, statutory bodies, customers, etc. Stronger this pillar, better it is for the organization.

Mr.Ratan Tata attributes Relationship as the key aspect for the success of TATA Group of Companies. Relationships with all stakeholders has helped the group grow and expand for generations and will continue to do so.

Companies like SalesForce.com, Seibel, SAP, etc. have evolved as major global corporations by focusing and building solutions to manage relationships. Imagine the power and importance of Relationships.

  1. Enrollment

    Enrollment is causing a new possibility to be present for another, such that they are touched, moved, and inspired by that possibility. Enrollment of the right people provides access to making an idea a reality. The journey of entrepreneurship begins with enrollment. Ongoing effectiveness constitutes the growth of the organization.

Mr.Narayana Murthy’s effective enrollment with Mr. Nandan, Mr. N. S. Raghavan, Mr. Gopalakrishnan and others to start Infosys along with Mrs. Sudha Murthy to loan Rs.10,000/- got him started off on an entrepreneurial journey and over a period led him to receive ‘Global Entrepreneur’ award.

  1. Existence

    ‘Exist or Extinct’ is the life of a true entrepreneur. The very purpose of existence of the organization should be inspiring and for a purpose. In an entrepreneur’s life, keeping the purpose of existence alive is the lifeline of the organization’s existence.

Innovation and Excellence in User Experience is always in existence for Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Corporation. Take iPod or iPhone or the MacBooks; you will see the existence of innovation and excellent user experience. That’s what makes Apple an apple, tasting very sweet…

I would say Integrity, Relationship, Enrollment and Existence are essentials of entrepreneurship — strengthening it enables and empowers you to win the game of entrepreneurship.

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